Before She Ignites

OMG so I’m terrible guys I’m sorry I’ve been away for so so long but I promise it’s been for mental health reasons not just because I’m lazy but my review for this AMAZING book is a good one Before She Ignites enthralled me. Once I got into it I had a really hard time putting it down. There is everything a girl wants in a book Dragons, a mystery man, a bff, did a mention dragons? and Jodi Meadows the author did an excellent job writing about a girl who had anxiety issues I would know cause I suffer from anxiety myself it made me relate to the character even more. The premise of the book is essentially the main character Mira who is loved and adored by the people because she is somewhat of a political figurehead is thrown in prison because she knows a secret about dragons and she must now fend for herself after a life of pampered luxury but you get flashbacks so you know what led up to the imprisonment and how she slowly changed throughout the book.  Let’s be honest here it’s not a good book if a main character doesn’t have some sort of change in them. Don’t quote me on that there might be a book or two out there that prove that statement wrong. I loved this book so much and I loved that the main character was a POC. And of  course that there were dragons because who doesn’t love dragons? Dragons are the best. 5 stars

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Stalking Jack the Ripper

hey everyone I’m back and I have a new book to review. So i finished it in a day which was because I needed to get to 50 books read for 2016 but I really did enjoy it. The story follows a girl who wants to be a coroner in victorian england. And she ends up wanting to stalk jack the ripper. I was entertained by this book with it’s swoon worthy male lead and girl who does what she wants female lead but it was predictable I figured out who jack was before the end of the 3rd chapter. Otherwise it was good i enjoyed the goriness maybe because I’m weird. It’s always nice when the protagonist is into something alittle off the beaten path. overall it kept my interest enough to get 4/5 stars

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King’s Cage-SPOILERS

ok I have too many feels about this book so serious spoilers ahead.

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ARGH ok I really am into this series like I’m a huge fan but this book the ending broke me. I’m a huge Cal and Mare Shipper and THEY HAVE TO BE TOGETHER. So needless to say the rest of the book which was good I might add was ruined for me by my ship sinking. I have hope though because there’s another book after this, and they’ll come to their senses and live happily ever after because that’s what I NEED to happen ,like, it NEEDS to happen. I loved how Mare grew throughout the book and I understand why it ended the way it did I just was not happy about the Silver Prince and The little lightening girl not being together forever like they’re suppose to be. The book was overall a good read though and there were alot of great moments between them and Mare and Maven as well. And we saw some ofthe book from Evangeline’s perspective which I was not expecting so overall I give the book 3.5 stars but it would’ve been higher had the epilogue not destroyed my soul.


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 So I want to start off by saying I liked this book more than the first one. I think it was partially because I got used to the format these books are in. All the logs and emails like a script more than a book bothered me a lot more during the first book then this one. In this one you get to go to the space station and go on an adventure when the commander’s daughter gets caught up in some trouble when the station is taken over by goons trying to destroy it. There was also a twist that I should’ve seen coming but didn’t so props to the authors for getting the best of me. 3.5/5 stars.

A Court of Mist and Fury

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 OMG so many feels this book was excellent. I would consider re-reading it before the next one comes out which is saying alot because I hardly ever re-read books. I will admit one thing that bothered me is that it kind of ruined the first book a little by the turns and the way character development went on in this book but i finished it in two days and cannot wait to read more so this along with the first book has made this one of my all time favorite series. The next book cannot come out soon enough 4.8/5 stars. Like seriously everyone should read this series. Also I must add that the men in these books set up unrealistic expectations for the real world and make me want to go live in a book because they are sooo swoon-worthy.Anyways for those of you who aren’t a fan of Maas’s other series I would tell you to give this one a chance because I like these alot more then a throne of glass but i’m alittle harsh on those books so maybe it’s just me. Anyways counting the days til the next installment of this series comes out! P.S don’t forget to checkout the sky with no stars giveaway happening on my blog!

A Giveaway for A Sky with no stars

Hey everyone your friendly neighborhood Nisha here with a giveaway where you can be entered to win a free book! yes that’s right a whole book!

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The author who is local to me kindly gave me a copy and then a copy for my blog to giveaway so a Thank You to Ms.Juliet Dillon for letting me have this giveaway this her wonderful book. So I spent the last day and a half reading it and it was surprised me how into it I got it reminded me of Divergent in some ways I think because it’s set in a dystopian world, but here’s the jist of the the story- The main character Kari accidentally gets pulled in 5 years into in the future the world has been taken over by the government and she is suppose to be part of the resistance. There are swoon worthy guys in this book and I really liked it so I’m happy that I’m able to share with you guys this fun story. I give it 4/5 stars which is pretty high in my book (like no book ever gets anything higher than this from me because I am stingy with my stars…) Anyways heres how to enter-
1- Comment another post on my blog and then come back here saying you did.
2-Follow me on twitter @the1nonlynisha and comment here that you did (comment your handle so I can verify)
3- Follow me here on wordpress and comment you did (comment your username so I know its you)
4- Comment on this post what time you would want to travel to if you had the ability to time travel like Kari
(All must be in separate comments so I can count them as different entires)
This giveaway is for US only guys sorry international postage is just too expensive. Good Luck!

Lion Heart

So i’m terrible at blogging something i really need to remedy so heres a quick review of Lion Heart and stay tuned for some giveaways this month (my bday is in january so have to spread the love).I WILL get better at this i promise! SPOILERS if you haven’t read the book yet. You’ve been warned.


Lion Heart by A.C Gaughen is the last in a trilogy about scarlett aka Will Scarlett aka Maid Marian. she essentially has to be on the run for her life from her murderous uncle and his devious plans to take over the crown. I liked the book overall and it had some parts in it that I really got into but it sometimes got slow and then at the end we never really get a proper ending in my opinion. I still have so many questions about what happens next.


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my lady jane

my lady jane


hey everyone sorry i’ve been MIA the past few weeks I’ve been dealing with some health issues but now i’m back and ready to review some books for you. This post will only have one book but i promise there’s more coming including at least 3 different giveaways so make sure you follow.

My Lady Jane is a the work of the minds of three different authors Jodi Meadows, Cynthia Hand and Brodi Ashton. They decided they didn’t like how the story of the real Jane Grey went so they made up their own and they made it magical and funny while doing so. I loved Jane and all the other characters ( you see through 3 different perspectives Jane, G aka Jane’s husband Gifford,and Edward Jane’s cousin who happened to be king at the time). Essentially Jane is married off to a guy who turns into a horse during the day, he has a “curse” as he likes to call it that makes him do it and the hilarity starts from there and ends on the last page. Even the serious moments are funny because the authors pop in for some commentary every once in awhile to make sure you know the background of things. I won’t say anything more because it’ll spoil the book but i definitely enjoyed this one 4.5/5


Ok so i’m behind on my blogging I know I procrastinate alot in general….so today I’m only reviewing one book Firstlife by Gena Showalter .A fashion look from June 2016 featuring hooded zip up sweatshirt, vneck t shirts and zipper jeans. Browse and shop related looks.

I want to start out by saying this is the first book i’ve liked a lot in a long time. It’s a dystopian novel set in a world where you can join two different sections of ways of life. The story revolves around a character named Tenley who because she didn’t commit to the side her parents wanted she was put in an institution to try to force her hand. This book had a little bit of everything romance, friendship, adventure, war, crazy people. When i finished the book i was upset because now I have to wait for the next one to know what happens! 4.5/5 stars

P.S – note that I want to put it out there I get all my books from the library or buying them myself I don’t get ARCs and that doesn’t stop me from blogging because you can actually blog about books after they come out and are on shelves. The way some bloggers misuse the Arcs trying to make a profit make me sad but I know there are a lot of great bloggers who don’t try to misuse or make a profit out of Arcs and that’s great and it makes people like me appreciate you more. Anyways thats my two cents on that.

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