The Fire and Thorns Series

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Instead of reviewing the books on their own I’ve decided to do something different and review the series as a whole. I love the main character Elisa and her development and transformation through all three books she grows and changes with all that is thrown at her. The story-lines for the second and third book will spoil the first book. But in a nutshell- Elisa has a “godstone” that connects her to god in her navel and her father marries her off to another kingdom and that’s when all hell breaks lose. I love that the characters seemed to be of mixed race or at least darker skin #weneeddiversebooks and the adventure she goes on because of her godstone kept me entertained my least favorite book out of the series was the first one but I LOVED the second and third ones therefore this series gets a 4/5 stars.

Star touched Queen and The Glittering Court

Star Touched Queen- I want to start off by saying I really wanted to LOVE this book, it was written well but something about me and the story just didn’t click and I didn’t like the characters. Maybe this is possibly because I’m Indian and she used a version of India as her backdrop for some of the book and used Hindu terms and whatnot. I can’t giveaway anything else unless I write spoilers so I won’t. If you’re not Indian I would recommend this book and see if you like it. 2.5/5 stars

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 The Glittering Court- I actually picked it up because of the pretty title. Essentially it’s about a girl who was born rich but in order to avoid marrying she runs off to this school (pretending to be a maid) and becomes part of the glittering court. The Glittering court’s objective is to take ordinary girls and transform them into sophisticated ladies of society so they can be married off in the “new world”. Soon the main character realizes pretending to be ordinary might be easier than it seems and that she’s not the only one with secrets. 3/5 stars because torwards the end I kind of just wanted it to be over already….it dragged a little.
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The Raven King

hey everyone sorry for the lack of posting my mom has been in and out of the hospital recently so blogging was not one of my highest priorities but soon I’ll be relaunching the blog on my own website and there will be some giveaways 😀 Anyways now to the  review

The Raven King is the final book in the Raven Cycle trilogy and I will start off by saying I had very high expectations of this book that were borderline unfair to the author but I’ve really enjoyed the series and I wanted it to go out with a bang. The slow buildup and the characters are as usual great and I just love how Maggie writes however for me the climax (no spoilers i promise) didn’t feel as intense as it needed to be, like there was a spark missing. It’s just one person’s opinion though. Overall I still enjoyed the book and loved the characters as they went through their journey through the books. 4/5 stars.

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Winner’s Kiss and Mirror King

So time for some reviews-

first up Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski- I have to go in saying that I had very high expectations for this book and to be honest it let me down a little bit. I think it’s because there were so many fight/ war scenes and I’m not too keen on those. Over all putting my love for the series as a whole I think it ended and wrapped up in a way that was satisfying  for fans of the series. I will say this was probably my least favorite book in the series but that’s ok I still enjoyed it and give it 4/5 stars

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Up next Mirror King by Jodi Meadows
I loved it more than I even loved the first Orphan Queen book. It has fight scenes but they’re written in a way I don’t mind plus there is magic which makes everything ten times better. I love how strong Wil the main character is and I love how all the characters evolve and go through their own journey . I loved the ending so much i read it twice 5/5.
if you read the book you'll get the set ;)

quick polyvore sets

So I’m currently reading a book and am 35% done but this week bought so many books i’m excited to read i decided to make some quick polyvore sets to celebrate!

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Books 2 and 3 in the raven cycle

Ok I read this entire series within a few days which deff shoes how well it was written and how much I got into it because it takes a really good book for me to finish it in 2 days. Anyways it’s the continued adventures of the crew (Gansey, Blue, Ronan,Adam, Noah) and their quest to find this mysterious welsh king. I feel like that’s all I can write without giving anything away but i highly recommend these books and cannot wait to meet Maggie herself again for a second time tomorrow anyways here’s a polyvore set I was inspired to make by the books.

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So I finally started reading again! yay! and my first book back was The Raven Boys by Maggie Stefivater (which i already had  signed copy of because I met her at a signing). ANd I have to say I loved it the one thing that bothered me that bothers me with most books that are part of series is that I now have to read the others to find out what happens! and the last one isn’t out yet but will be soon. Anyways I love Maggie’s storytelling and it makes me somewhat ok with living in Virginia (who wants to go look for a ley line with me?). Oh and I think Gansey is much more suited to Blue than Adam but that’s just me. Anyways heres a polyvore set I made for Blue’s “eggplant” outfit (points if you can remember what scene it’s from).

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Q&A with the one and only Amazing Jodi Meadows

So one of my favorite authors in the whole wide world has a new book coming out tomorrow (April 5th) and just because she’s the most amazing person in the whole wide world she agreed to do a short q&a for me 😀 here are the results

  1. How did you know you want to be an author? Was it something you knew you wanted to do from a young age or did you fall into it?


I have always loved telling stories. It’s just been part of who I am for as long as I can remember. But it wasn’t until I was twelve years old that I realized writing could be an actual job. That was when I decided that I would write fiction for a living.


  1. How do you approach writing a novel? DO you create the world first or the story?


That really depends. Sometimes the world comes first. Sometimes the story. Sometimes they grow at the same time. But pretty often, there’s a character in a situation (like with OQ, it was a little girl saving a little boy from her own people) and when I start digging through what that idea reveals, it’s a world and story already there — I just have to pull it out.


  1. If you could have conversations with any other  author living or dead who would you choose and why?


I am in the happy position of being able to talk with a lot of my favorite authors! Some are already my friends! Some I admire from afar. And there’s not really just one I’d like to choose — there are a ton! Mostly, they are smart, thoughtful women who tell absolutely incredible stories.


  1. They say that it’s almost impossible to write a character with none of yourself in them – what parts of you do any of the Orphan Queen characters (especially Wilhelmina) possess?


Wilhelmina is very loyal to her friends; I like to think I’m just as loyal. Black Knife is uncharacteristically optimistic for a vigilante; I would like to think the same thing about myself. Except I’m not a vigilante.


As far as you know.


  1. Favorite Snack food?




  1. Do you have any fun writing rituals? (like listening to music or drinking a specific tea while you write)


I love drinking coffee while I write, but apparently coffee is bad for anxiety? Such betrayal! I’m trying to lean toward tea more, when I want something hot to drink. But usually I just go for water.


  1. If you could go back in time and give your teenage self advice what would it be?


I’d give her the same advice she already knew: Work hard and don’t give up.


  1. What are some of your favorite YA novels?


I’m not sure I can really limit this! But some of my favorite recent novels:





GRAVE MERCY by Robin LaFevers


  1. If you could choose a period in history to live in besides this one which would it be? And why?


Maybe the utopian future? History hasn’t been kind to ladies, or personal hygiene.


  1. Last question- Any tidbits you can share about what’s coming after Mirror King?


Certainly! Well, you probably know that MY LADY JANE is coming in June, my co-authored novel with Brodi Ashton and Cynthia Hand. And as far as solo stuff goes, I have another fantasy trilogy starting in Fall 2017. It has dragons.


Thank you so much Jodi for answering my questions! Stay tuned and I might be holding a giveaway soon so make sure you subscribe to my blog ❤

polyvore sets part 3

sorry I’ve been MIA I’ve been having some severe health issues and haven’t been reading much so here are some polyvore sets

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