June 2016

The Fire and Thorns Series

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Instead of reviewing the books on their own I’ve decided to do something different and review the series as a whole. I love the main character Elisa and her development and transformation through all three books she grows and changes with all that is thrown at her. The story-lines for the second and third book will spoil the first book. But in a nutshell- Elisa has a “godstone” that connects her to god in her navel and her father marries her off to another kingdom and that’s when all hell breaks lose. I love that the characters seemed to be of mixed race or at least darker skin #weneeddiversebooks and the adventure she goes on because of her godstone kept me entertained my least favorite book out of the series was the first one but I LOVED the second and third ones therefore this series gets a 4/5 stars.

Star touched Queen and The Glittering Court

Star Touched Queen- I want to start off by saying I really wanted to LOVE this book, it was written well but something about me and the story just didn’t click and I didn’t like the characters. Maybe this is possibly because I’m Indian and she used a version of India as her backdrop for some of the book and used Hindu terms and whatnot. I can’t giveaway anything else unless I write spoilers so I won’t. If you’re not Indian I would recommend this book and see if you like it. 2.5/5 stars

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 The Glittering Court- I actually picked it up because of the pretty title. Essentially it’s about a girl who was born rich but in order to avoid marrying she runs off to this school (pretending to be a maid) and becomes part of the glittering court. The Glittering court’s objective is to take ordinary girls and transform them into sophisticated ladies of society so they can be married off in the “new world”. Soon the main character realizes pretending to be ordinary might be easier than it seems and that she’s not the only one with secrets. 3/5 stars because torwards the end I kind of just wanted it to be over already….it dragged a little.
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