So since most of you who are reading don’t know me, I figured I would make a list of my favorite books

  1. Emma -because I see so much of myself in Emma and I want my own Mr.Knightly.
  2. Lunar chronicles-um a cyborg cinderella. enough said.
  3. Harry Potter series- DUH.
  4. Snow like Ashes- the name is why i picked up the book but i actually really liked it. (I liked the first one more than the second one)
  5. Red Queen- like hunger games but the world seems much more entertaining.
  6. The Jewel- ok this one I legit picked up because it has a a super pretty cover and didn’t read the back. I ended up really loving it.
  7. Court of Thorns and Glass- I’m a sucker for the whole beauty and the beast retelling.
  8. Cruel Beauty- another beauty and the beast retelling (and the main character has a name that begins with an N!)
  9. Orphan Queen- I read this a long time ago I should probably re-read it cause I can’t remember all the details but i remember enjoying it.
  10. Grave Mercy series- NUN ASSASSINS.

I’ll be posting a review and maybe some more of my favorite books soon but i figured I’d start off with a short post